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  • Are some foods addictive?

        Can we release ourselves from cravings to foods that are sweet ? Dr Simon Thornley explainss   

        some food for thought!

        Read more>>




  • The Case to Ban Sugary Foods and Drinks From School

        Dr Simon Thornley reviews wha's in our food and fizzy drinks at our schools.

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  • Soft Tissue Injuries and Sports Strapping
    Sports tissue injuries and sports strapping are regular winter injury practices. What are the basic steps to take when these occur. Read more >>




  • Preparation before a big event

        Planning strategies to help you embrace and enjoy that big event can be simple!....Read more >>


  • Arthritis and Back Pain Tips

         Having been diagnosed with Arthritis over 25 years ago, I know it can be

           a frustrating time if your back and spine are giving you a hard time!

         My experiences, thoughts and tips for a pain free back....Read more >>


  • Shin Splints
    Getting that painful feeling at the front of your lower leg when running? Podiatrist Justin Chong explains what's going on... Read more >>

  • Sports stretching -Hamstrings
    Whether at home, work or during exercise, movements using the hips, legs, back and shoulders are performed repetitively – and stiffness in our muscles can lead to a restriction of movement and mobility... Read more >>

  • Relaxation Techniques
    Need to take a break or re-energise? Try these relaxation techniques that can be used during your workout or at home. Simple and effective exercises that will make a difference! Read more >

  • Soft Tissue Injury Steps - R.I.C.E.
    The next time you roll your ankle or over-stretch your hamstrings, do you what to do next? ACC have put together a great information sheet to follow... Read more >>

  • Water recovery techniques after exercise
    Are there benefits to water therapy after exercise? View my thoughts on this video. Read more >>

  • Cranberry Juice is still better than Cranberry Tablets
  • The latest research advises that Cranberry juice is still a winner! Read more >>

  • Back Pain Stretches
    Having constant back pain? Regular stretching can be simple and effective. Exercise & Muscle Therapist Anthony Fong explains... Read more >>

  • Fitness Tips for Running
    A balanced fitness routine can make the world of difference to your next running event or race! Read more >>